Welcome to my Stories! 

I decided to leave Facebook because it was a real time stealer! I wanted to be more intentional with my time and devote it to what matters most to me. However, when I decided to take my face off the book, I had an outpouring of comments from friends and acquaintances expressing how they would miss my posts. Many of them felt inspired by what I had written throughout the years. It is funny, you don't often know the impact you can have on others until they tell you. ​

So, this is my compromise. I decided to continue sharing my experiences and the lessons I have learned as a father, husband, friend, educator, and coach. What you will read in my posts is how I see the world - not necessarily how the world is for everyone else. I prefer to look at possibilities and approach life with a 'glass half full' mindset. I do not shy from challenges and always look for the lessons in my struggles. What comes out of how I see life I share with you, my calmunity - because we are connected in more ways than we may realize and to forge ahead in life, I believe, we need to respond not react to the world around us (even though I sometimes do! But in those moments I find more lessons).

Please enjoy my stories and how I see life. If something I write moves you, inspires you, makes you consider an alternative perspective, or motivates you to want to have a conversation, reach out. I'd love to hear form you! 

~ Love Robert