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Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. 

Between the two stands Resistance.

~Steven Pressfield



My Official Bio

Robert Cumming supports people who want to make a difference in their life and the lives of others. 

As a sports coach for over 30 years, Robert has honed his skills in supporting and bringing the best out in others, from beginners to world class athletes. Robert's role as a sports coach and trained educator has provided a phenomenal foundation when working with professionals. 


Robert has taught at the elementary and College level, worked as a consultant in schools and other community based organizations and prides himself on being a community supporter. As a coach, he has worked one-on-one with individuals as well as company leaders. Robert ran two community based businesses and continues to impact his community in a positive way.

No stranger to challenges, Robert has attained the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt in the art of Taekwondo, is a former National Team Trainer, lived and taught Taekwondo in it's homeland, is an International Certified Instructor, has earned belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and has won titles in Full Contact Competition. With his background in education, Robert has devoted much of his career to leadership, healthy relationships, and creating positive cultures, which was the primary focus of his graduate work. 



My name is Robert Cumming. I've been knocked down more times than I can count. I was incessantly bullied as a child, failed out of school twice, I've been assaulted more than once, experienced a career ending injury as a promising athlete, and I lost  a business that I'd invested 7 years of my life in and hundreds of thousands of dollars only to realize, I didn't want it in the first place.    

I've also, as an adult, built up the courage to reach out to my childhood bully, earned 3 university degrees, was awarded a prestigious SSHRC scholarship, after realizing that I wasn't dumb, I just needed to find something I loved to do. I've witnessed injustices and fought for change, and that is what lead me to my graduate degree. I've taught teachers how to create healthy relationships and even cried while sharing the importance of believing in children and the magic that happens when you let them know. 

I delivered my daughter when she arrived in less than an hour, and my wife still reminds me that I simply caught her and that she was the one doing the delivering. And I'm happy to let her believe that. (Okay, I caught her - but it was some catch!) ;) I have experienced conflict while raising my kids, like many parents, and have made decisions that I wish I could take back but have gained lessons that I will never forget. The adversity I experienced as a child, being bullied, has made me a compassionate and empathetic person who listens when others speak and feels with others when emotions are shared, without judgement. A bright gift received from a dark place. The experiences I have had coaching others in and out of the arena have been powerful. I love to help people think differently in ways that serve them and seeing shifts and growth, similar to what I have experienced in my life, is why I do what I do.  

I am a huge fan of the underdog, because I see myself in every dark horse I meet. I've been told on more than one occasion that I've positively impacted lives in a profound way, and I've even been told by two people that I saved their life; and didn't know how to take the news at the time. I've stood in front of an audience and bombed while trying to emulate someone else and received the most agonizing feedback only to turn around one week later, while standing in my authenticity, to be told that my talk was the best one particular  audience member had ever heard. 


Latest Posts


“Robert has profoundly touched my life. I have left every session with him energized, focused and with clear understanding of how to move forward with precise, attainable goals. He is intuitive beyond belief! A deep listener that has the ability to open you up, unguarded  and always asks powerful questions to get you results. He has not only helped me with my business and work but has helped me heal emotionally from insecurities and deep routed emotions I didn’t even realize was having such an effect on my everyday life. I am a new person because of him! I am happier and more confident because of our coaching sessions. In a nutshell, whenever I am faced with an issue I think to myself “What would Robert ask me”.

~Becky Shimkets

“I’ve come with situations, at first I didn’t think they were that big a deal, but the questions Robert asks helped to put my situations in a different frame of mind. I had never thought about the situation quite like that, which provided me with enlightenments. The power of Robert’s validations, that it is okay to feel the way you are and the way Robert says it, makes me feel that it is true. I can trust what Robert says to me. Robert has had a big impact on my life. ”

~Annette White

“Robert is an energizer! He is insightful and energizing. Robert has been able to shift my energy and by doing that he has helped shift my thoughts. Because Robert’s energy is so inspiring and contagious, I found myself looking for ways to change my thoughts. Robert has a unique sense of interest and curiosity. The questions he asks, I don’t know where he finds them. His insights and direction are always on target. Through his questions and gentle prodding, he has helped me find solutions to achieve my goals and he always makes me feel very supported and championed. Thank you so much for that.”

~Julideska Bleeker

“Robert is a giver. He is a giver of his time, his energy, his love, and enthusiasm. He just gives. When Robert coaches me, I just get this feeling that I know that everything is going to be okay. I always felt his calming and joyful presence. This has helped me realize that even when I’ve felt at my lowest points, I just don’t see the solution, I know there is always another way. Robert is going to impact so many lives, because he already has. If I had learned martial arts from Robert as a child, I know that I would be a completely different person today. Thank you so much for the impact you’ve had on me.

~RosalieFazio Durst